Sherod “Roddie” Cooper is a father, who moonlights as an editorial and portrait photographer. Currently based in Houston.

Born & raised in New Orleans. Proud to call it home.

Firmly believe Apple Jacks are a godsend.

Brussel sprouts are of the devil.

Believes in natural beauty & hopes to empower that with every image shared.

Only shoots in natural light & never alters the body.

Should probably have a photo here, but hates being in front of the camera more than brussel sprouts. Soon though.

Want to hire me or have questions? Contact me here, or click the little mail icon down there. You can also share more (sometimes live) moments with me @roddiecooper.

It is not my intention to create beautiful, powerful or alluring images. I create photos to capture moments that either are real, or feel real. My greatest hope is that in that frozen moment, you feel something. Good, bad, whatever, as long as you feel SOMETHING.

– Roddie